Emco 50 Ball Screw Repair

The Z-axis ball screw on my Emco 50 CNC mini lathe was running with quite a bit of resistance. Sometimes I could still hear te stepper motors trying to get the Z-axis into position after a move should have been completed. In the video below I have documented the disassembly and repair process for the ball screw, including replacement of the bearing balls, Grease Nipple and floating bearing.

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Dobot Nova 2 – Cobot

The Nova 2 Cobot is a collaborative robot with a teaching function, as well as a visual or scripting option for programming. I spent some time testing this robot and put together a video showing the installation, programming, pick&place demonstrations and more:

Mini CNC Lathe Retrofit – EMCO PC Turn 50

A while back I obtained a desktop CNC lathe. It was stripped from its electronics, so this was a good opportunity for me to learn how to retrofit a CNC lathe. In this post I will cover this DIY project at a high level. The details for all of the components used and how they are connected can be found in the embedded videos. Also I have included a PDF file in this article, which contains the electrical diagrams, BOM and settings for the CNC controller and VFD. I hope that by sharing this journey it will help people to get an estimate of what takes to do a retrofit on an older CNC machine. This is not an ultimate guide on this type of work, it is just to share what I have learned so far. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below or under one of the YouTube videos.

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Dobot MG400

Dobot MG400

Hi, welcome to an overview of the Dobot MG400 desktop robot arm. A local supplier, Dobot.nu was kind enough to send me a unit to play around with. What I would like to do in this article is give my first impressions of the Robot from the perspective of a new user. I will have a quick look at the hardware, end effectors and the supplied software for programming.

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Build Your Own CNC Controller


In this article I will go through the entire build process for an offline CNC controller that I have made for my 6040 CNC router. Although it is made specifically for my router, most items covered should be applicable for any CNC machine for personal use. The preparation of the enclosure is covered in detail, as well as why I used certain electrical components and I will include any errors I made along the way to hopefully prevent other people from making the same mistakes.

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Dobot Conveyor Belt First Impressions

This is a brief introduction for the Dobot conveyor belt. This equipment is meant primarily for use in education and will typically be part of an automated system in combination with one or more robot arms. I received this unit for review from Dobot.nu. In the video below I will have a look at the included hardware, programming and will run a simple program to demonstrate how you could use the system.

Parts guide 3D model download (STL/F3D/STEP): https://grabcad.com/library/dobot-conveyor-belt-parts-guide-1

Dobot Vision Kit

A vision system is an indispensable tool for most automated production processes. Dobot offers a Vision System for educational use, which can be used in conjunction with the Magician or M1 robot arms. The star of the show is the software included the package. The Vision Studio software has advanced image recognition features and a clean, easy to use visual programming interface based on flows.

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How to manually add a brim in CAD to improve bed adhesion for 3D printing

This is a short how-to guide for creating your own brim on a 3D model in CAD to prevent a model from coming loose from the print bed. This can come in handy in case your slicer software does not include a correct brim suitable for your part.
When 3D printing taller objects which are relatively narrow, the printed object can possibly come loose from the bed, resulting in a failed print. The higher the object becomes, the larger the risk, due to to increasing mechanical advantage for larger height to width ratios.

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Dobot AI Starter Review

The AI Starter is a Robotic Car based on the well established Arduino architecture. It is primarily intended to be used in education for programming, automation and robotics.
After posting a couple of videos on the Dobot Magician Robot I was contacted by a local Dobot supplier Dobot.nu. They asked me if I would like to have a look at some of the other products Dobot has on offer.

In this article I will have a look at the AI starter kit they sent over for review. I will cover the assembly of the kit, programming and a mini project with a tipping bucket I designed, to demonstrate the expandability of the platform.

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