Dobot Nova 2 – Cobot

The Nova 2 Cobot is a collaborative robot with a teaching function, as well as a visual or scripting option for programming. I spent some time testing this robot and put together a video showing the installation, programming, pick&place demonstrations and more:

Dobot MG400

Dobot MG400

Hi, welcome to an overview of the Dobot MG400 desktop robot arm. A local supplier, was kind enough to send me a unit to play around with. What I would like to do in this article is give my first impressions of the Robot from the perspective of a new user. I will have a quick look at the hardware, end effectors and the supplied software for programming.

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Dobot Conveyor Belt First Impressions

This is a brief introduction for the Dobot conveyor belt. This equipment is meant primarily for use in education and will typically be part of an automated system in combination with one or more robot arms. I received this unit for review from In the video below I will have a look at the included hardware, programming and will run a simple program to demonstrate how you could use the system.

Parts guide 3D model download (STL/F3D/STEP):

Dobot Vision Kit

A vision system is an indispensable tool for most automated production processes. Dobot offers a Vision System for educational use, which can be used in conjunction with the Magician or M1 robot arms. The star of the show is the software included the package. The Vision Studio software has advanced image recognition features and a clean, easy to use visual programming interface based on flows.

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Dobot AI Starter Review

The AI Starter is a Robotic Car based on the well established Arduino architecture. It is primarily intended to be used in education for programming, automation and robotics.
After posting a couple of videos on the Dobot Magician Robot I was contacted by a local Dobot supplier They asked me if I would like to have a look at some of the other products Dobot has on offer.

In this article I will have a look at the AI starter kit they sent over for review. I will cover the assembly of the kit, programming and a mini project with a tipping bucket I designed, to demonstrate the expandability of the platform.

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How to Make a Vision System for the Dobot Magician with the Pixy 2 Camera

Vision systems and robot arms are used in many modern production lines. With the availability of cheap vison cameras for consumers it has now become possible to make your own vision system controlled robot arm at home.

This article describes how to add a vision system to the Dobot magician robotic arm, allowing it to identify parts automatically and place them in a designated drop off location.

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Dobot Magician First Impressions Review

Dobot Magician First Impressions

Dobot has recently released the second version of their robotic arm. The Dobot Magician can actually be considered a learning platform for robotics, programming and manufacturing methods for makers. It includes end effectors for pick and place operations, 3D printing and laser engraving. It is positioned as a robotic arm for educational purposes, light industrial use and hobby projects at home. Continue reading “Dobot Magician First Impressions Review”